Elections are never easy. The two most valuable resources are volunteers and money. As a new party and a new riding association, we are starting from scratch. This is why we need your help. Please consider making a donation to the local riding association today. Your money will be spent prudently on the basics needed for a campaign.

  1. A campaign office during the election period. We run our association without an office through the year, but during the writ period, we need a base of operations.
  2. Signs. The best way to let people know about our candidate is to promote their name and website via signage during the writ.
  3. Literature for door knocking efforts. Between now and election day, our candidate will be door knocking regularly and leaving literature with voters explaining the party positions and some history about our candidate.

Remember, your tax deductible donation is eligible for a very appealing tax credit. For donations up to $400, you can receive back up to 75% on your income tax return. This means a $400 donation can get you back $300 leaving you out of pocket only $100.

Donate now by clicking the link below via a secure PayPal website.