Our Candidate – Scott Miller

Scott Miller is the son of a military family with farming roots and has spent most of his life in the Ottawa area.  He was educated at Canterbury High School and Carleton University (Systems and Computer Engineering, 1989), and has worked in senior technical positions at a number of local companies large and small, mostly in systems design, operating systems and protocols, with several patents to his credit.

He has been married to his wife Kim (Carleton Computer Science, 1990) for 27 years and together they have three children ranging from 22 to 13.  The oldest has followed her Dad and is close to completing her own Engineering degree at Carleton.

Their son Duncan was born with Down Syndrome and later developed Autism.  This brought Kim and Scott into the world of special needs and led to much of Scott’s volunteer work with special needs programs in the community.  He and Duncan have been involved together with Special Olympic skating, soccer, paddling, and in Kanata Scouting for many years.  Scott recently starting leading a beginners guitar class for special needs children in Dunrobin.

Scott is an enthusiastic photographer, and has been photographing for several local dance schools for many years.  The whole family are roller-coaster fanatics and travel every year to far flung theme parks and events.  They have traveled and camped from one end of the country to the other. Scott has committed most of Monty Python to memory and quotes it frequently.

In the past, Scott has voted Liberal, Conservative, Green and Libertarian, depending on the issues and candidates of the day.  He has never been involved in politics before now, until Maxime Bernier’s policies struck a powerful chord, and Scott stepped up to carry the PPC flag banner in Kanata-Carleton.

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